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How to measure your head for your hat size

It is easier if you have someone help you measure. Have fun!

1. Measure your head circumference

  1. Locate a soft (sewing) tape measure (or a length of string that you can then hold up to a ruler or tape measure) to determine the length.
  2. Place the tape or string around your head a finger width above your ear, across the forehead 1-2 fingers above your brows, completely encircling your head.
  3. Hold the tape firmly, but not too tight. How do you want your hat to feel on your head? The tape must sit exactly where you want the hat to sit in order to get the correct measurement.

2. Measure your crown height

Create a 90-degree angle with two same-sized rulers (or a book & ruler). Place the bottom of the vertical ruler a finger width above your ear and the horizontal ruler flat across the top of your head to get the height measurement. This will allow us to make the crown tall enough to comfortably fit your head.

2. Crown shape

Look at your forehead in a mirror. Basic hats are generally made as a Round Crown unless custom so the way they fit referenced below are based on round crown.


Forehead looks very rounded on the front but back looks flat from the side view. Hat will have no pressure points.

Round Oval

Forehead looks rounded but the forehead is drawn out just a little more and the back looks as round as the front. Hat will fit tighter on sides.

Long Oval

Forehead looks like an indentation at the temples and the forehead seem to be coming forward more. Hat will fit tighter front to back or loose on the sides.

Extra Long Oval

Forehead looks very tall, temples dip in and forehead comes out further. Hat will fit tighter front to back or loose on the sides.

Important Notes on Fitting


We use 180-240 gram felts to make our custom hats.  These are high quality, high strength and more rigid hats than the 120 gram mass-produced crushable hats.   Thus, be aware that the fit of any of our custom hats will be different and more snug compared to any mass produced crushable hat.


Custom fitting is just that, custom.  Some like it to fit tight so it stays on in the wind.  Others like to have it fit loose for casual wear. Some like the shape more flexible when others prefer a more rigid shaped hat.  Thus, when you come in to pick up your hat, schedule in 15-30 minutes for any adjustments that need to be made to make it fit just how you like it.  So we can make it Your Hat, Your Fit, Your Style!


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