Make Your Own Hat appointments

Would you like to make your own hat with us?
Then call or email us today to set up your appointment.  This experience includes Custom designing your own hat with our professionals and then making and shaping it by hand with our equipment dating back to the early 1900’s.  You will be guided in design and hatting techniques by our professionals to make your very own design and create it yourself!  So don’t accept someone else’s design from a cheap retailer, come in, design it and make it yourself here with us in our shop which has it’s history dating back from 1863 and truly make it, “Your Hat, Your Fit, Your Style!”
That’s JW Custom Hats!!!

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  • Make Your Hat Appointment $75

    The Make Your Hat appointment cost includes one-on-one instruction with an expert hatmaker. Typical hat takes 2 hours to complete.
    *Does not include price of hat

Appointments Available

Tue - Thur
10AM - 3PM

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