Specialized tooling for hat-makers

JW Custom Hats is the premier distributer for your hat-making needs. We offer a variety of tooling designed to help you take your business to the next level.

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Stretch Blocks

Quality Stretch blocks made by hand, used to stretch a hat to increase size within ½ – 1 size. These are also also used with a brim iron to establish the hard crease between brim and crown. Available in sizes ranging from 6 ⅝ to 8,and in oval or round.

Hat Blocks

Quality hat blocks for stretching and shaping felt into hats, made by hand in our shop here at JW Custom Hats. These are the most critical starting tools for any hat shop of any size. More than 10 different styles available and 3 different head shapes: Round Oval, Long Round Oval, or Perfectly Round (for Native American heads).

Top Hat Blocks

These hat blocks are crafted in the shape of a traditional top hat, with a slight curve up the sides resulting in a stylish flare at the top. These blocks are made in five separate pieces, so each piece can be removed from the shaped hat one at a time in order to preserve the flare shape iconic to the top hat style. These blocks only come in three sizes; large, medium, and small. The correct size is then achieved through the use of stretch blocks.

Spinning Insert for Table

An insert designed to turn an existing table into a spinning table for sanding hats, a necessity for any hatter.

Spinning and Sanding Table

A ready made spinning table for shaping and sanding hats. Decrease your felt sanding time with this spinning table and increase your profit with this hatshop tool.

Brim Iron, Plating machine or Brim breaker

This machine of many names is designed to create the hard crease between the brim and the crown of a hat. The Brim iron comes with 1 set of plates. These plates are heated by the iron and the crown of the hat is inserted into the hole in the center of the plate. The brim is sandwiched between the plate and the iron top giving the brim a nice flat clean crease.

Brim Plates

Used with the brim iron these plates help to create the hard crease between the crown and the brim of the hat. These plates are heated by the iron and the crown of the hat is inserted into the hole in the center of the plate. The brim is sandwiched between the plate and the iron top giving the brim a nice flat clean crease.

Squeeze Block and Plate Rack

A storage rack for brim iron plates and squeeze blocks, designed to help hatters stay organized and keep their shops clean. (Squeeze blocks and brim iron plates are sold separately)

Crown Iron

A spinning irion designed to iron the crown of a hat after stretching and shaping, ensuring the felt is conforming completely to the shape if the hat block, as well as removing excess moisture from the felt after steaming and increasing the density of the felt.

1107-Sweat Band Complete Sewing Kit

Talk about efficiency and quality in one. Where other hatters range between 15-45 minutes in hand sewing their sweatbands into their hats The 1107 does it in just 2 minutes flat. That’s at least 7 more hats that you can get done in the same time it would take you to do one by hand. The complete set up includes the 1107 sewing machine, the sweat band attachment (to help keep the sweat band straight and your measurements correct), the motor and the table.

Sweat Band Cutter

The sweatband cutter helps to ensure that the sweatband is cut down to the desired size before sewing it into the hat. With a measuring feature dictating both inches and sizes, as well as another measuring feature dictating partial sizes hat makers will be able to ensure that their sweatbands are cut to the size they need every time.

Brim Cutter/Rounding Jack

Designed for ease of use and efficiency, the rounding jack/brim cutter makes it simple to cut a brim down to a specified length. Using the measuring element you are sure to get the brim width you need every time.

Curling Irons

Made to shape the edge of the hat brim into a nice clean curl. This package of brim irons includes three sizes of curls. Small, with a curl of ⅛”, medium, with a curl of ⅜” and large, with a curl of ⅝”. An essential for any hatter looking to add a flare of style to their designs.


When used in conjunction with a flange and flange stand, the sandbagger can be used to shape the brim into a gentle upwards curve, making the brim shaping process simple and easy while maintaining consistency, this is often used to achieve the iconic look of a fedora brim.


Used to shape the brim of a hat into a gentle upwards curve, these flanges are of the highest quality and come in a variety of sized ranging from 6 ⅝ to 8. Please call for current availability.

Flange Stands

The flange stand is designed to provide space and protection for the crown when using a sandbagger and flange. An essential for any hatter using a sandbagger. Please call for current availability.

Kingsley Hot Stamping Machine

Simple and easy to use the Kingsley hot stamping machine uses a low electrical heat to foil stamp a desired name or message into the sweatband of a completed hat, adding a touch of personalization for your customers. An important tool for the hatter looking to make an impression.

Kingsley Hot Stamping Letter Sets

Quality metal Kingsley letter sets designed specifically to be used with the kingsley hot stamping machine.When used in conjunction with the Kingsley hot Stamping machine these letter sets can help any hatter leave a lasting impression on any customer.

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